Tilt, first steps into the French market
Tilt, the US social crowdfunding startup backed by leading Facebook investor Sean Parker, was to enter the French market and stand out from competitors.

The brief / Objectives

How to help launch this Silicon Valley startup star in a competitive market by highlighting the track record of its founders and its international success
Client issue
To achieve a successful launch of Silicon Valley’ startup star in the fiercely competitive French market
Our brief
To accompany the launch of Tilt in France, facilitate its entry into a competitive market and generate media coverage

Our approach

  • Leverage speaker value to enhance the storytelling (success story, link with historic Facebook investor …and make proactive use of current events
  • Organization of a press tour with Olivier Bufon, CEO France, and James Beshara, founder of the startup to raise media awareness of the brand uniqueness compared with its competitors.
  • Press releases targeted to both consumer and corporate media
  • Creation of news hijacking alerts linked to major events (Agricultural Show, Euro 2016…)
  • Setting up interviews with key media
Our results
  1. 7 interviews organized with influential national media (AFP, Les Echos, BFM, Le Monde, Frenchweb, Challenges, L’Obs)
  2. 19 items of media coverage
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