Social media

There is no progress without dialogue! Digital, Social media, e-Influence, Social Ads, Community Management… are all on the contemporary playing field for brands and constitute a profound change in today’s complex media traditional, social and global landscapes. We have moved from an era when influence was clearly identified and was managed via downward communication, to a new context in which the general public and consumers have found a means of expression through social media feed and demand the opportunity to connect with companies. This implies greater proximity on the part of brands and a relationship of authenticity and openness……..using appropriate content. It is with this mind that we develop efficient ways for our clients to engage with the online public. We know how to boost and massively increase target audiences and generate traffic making the best use of social media ad campaigns.


  • Digital Monitoring
  • Social network auditing
  • E-reputation management
  • Community management
  • E-influencer programs
  • Social media ads
  • Follow-up of social performance