Crisis & Issues Management

Any company, in any sector, can find itself confronted at some point, with a sensitive issue or crisis liable to damage its reputation. In this instance, numerous stakeholders and interested parties (associations, media, elected representatives) are likely to contact the company to obtain information. What strategy should be adopted? What should be said? To whom? In what format?

These are crucial questions for which effective responses cannot be improvised if serious issues should arise. The experts at Cap & Cime PR will advise you and be at your side to contain any issues which have the potential to harm your company’s reputation.


  • Media monitoring
  • Crisis Management process
  • Message development: Q&A, statements, key messages
  • Media and digital strategy
  • Coordination of crisis unit
  • Defining spokesperson’s role
  • Reporting et analysis

Crisis Availability 24/7 :

Because a crisis situation does not necessarily arise on a week day or during business hours and it is not always possible to foresee every eventuality, we remain available 24/7 on this email to respond to your emergency situation.