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Optimum’s Internal magazine


Plastic Omnium is the worldwide market leader in exterior body panels and fuel systems, as well as  waste containers for local authorities. Plastic Omnium is listed on Euronext Paris (FBS index 120 and  CAC Mid 60). The group employs 32 000 staff in 132 countries.



Cap & Cime PR has partnered Plastic Omnium in its internal communication for several years, managing its internal magazine. In this time of increasing internationalization of the group, the magazine constitutes an invaluable and unifying tool structured around its corporate successes and the group’s  culture with a significant focus on its image.  The magazine is directed at all staff, from the factory floor to management level and is available both in print and online via intranet.



  • Graphic design and development of the concept
  • Drive of editorial committee, writing, translating and production of the different versions (28 pages in 2 languages)
  • Development of video portraits, adapted to magazine contents