42Tea or the success of the Kickstarter launch


42tea presents the sophistication of oenology applied to the world of tea and the discovery of flavours via a connected device. In other words, it is a startup with taste! 42tea aims at becoming the key actor in the tea sector for tea drinkers with a sophisticated palate.



After a successful launch at last CES 2016 tradeshow in Las Vegas, 42tea asked the agency to develop its online community to ensure success for its Kickstarter campaign.



  • Leverage online influencers as ambassadors of the Kickstarter.
  • Drive awareness of this new device for tea-drinkers



  • Drive coverage in major online media influencing the influencer and social media
  • Give an exclusive preview of the product to key online influencers (bloggers, Igramers, Twittos…)
  • Push a funny video demo as an exclusive to KOI
  • Push the Kickstarter link with a financial incentive for themselves to KOI


Results (in 8 DAYS!) 

  • 4 media interviews
  • 183 online publications including the campaign’s link coverage
  • +18,3K % coverage online mentions vs. the rest of the year with NO ads!
  • $6,500 raised (80% in France) in 8 days on a monthly goal of $15,000