Bébé Confort, a successful hit on social media channels

The brief / Objectives

Bébé Confort, a leading childcare brand, is about to revolutionize the key market of child car seat, introducing a disruptive innovation: the first car seat with an integrated child-friendly airbag
Client issue
Generate attention from expert influencers to gain endorsement on new AxissFix Air, first car seat with an integrated child-friendly airbag
Our brief
Amplify visibility and expertise awareness
Confirm the safety expertise of the Bébé Confort brand among influencers, experts and brand ambassadors via its latest innovation

Our approach

  • Children’s car safety « behind the scene » opening the crash-test and R&D center for an exclusive visit
  • Select 5 influencers according to their level of expertise for child car safety
  • Offer influencers an invitation for one of their readers to spend a day with them and Bébé Confort
  • Tell the story of the AxissFix Air
  • Witness a live crash test on the day
Our results
  1. 64 items across the social media network of which 43 on the day of the event
  2. Estimated combined reach of 104 428 including 8 178 on Instagram and 23 345 on Facebook
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